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Welcome to Melody of the Mind CIC.   We are a small Community Interest Company, dedicated to advancing the Christian faith, with a focus on creative and intellectual pursuits, and supporting vulnerable Christians.  

What does CIC mean?   CIC stands for Community Interest Company: it is a form of Ltd Company in UK law that is kind of a cross between a normal company and a charity.   Shareholders and or directors can only take a certain percentage of profit for themselves (about a third) - all the rest of profits must be put back in the business or used to finance the 'purposes' it was set up for.  Plus, if the business closes, all assets must be used for the purposes in its constitution.   

Our ethos and offerings

Our activities have several strands.  One is an e-commerce site dedicated especially, although not exclusively, to selling creative products.   It is open to anyone to sell through us, regardless of their own faith position, although we do, naturally, ensure that products sold are consistent with our values. 

We can also offer various services relating to the skills of one of  the directors of the firm, primarily around chilled out piano music, composition and arranging, worship song-writing and other creative or authorial endeavours, with consulting work on certain theological and human rights issues also an area of work available.    

We will use much of the money from our e-commerce and other commercial activities to fund or subsidize our other activities and goals, which include encouraging cross-discipline and cross-cultural collaboration between Christian creatives, developing and producing events and products relating to Christian creativity and intellectual endeavour, and supporting vulnerable Christians (we have particular links to the church in Pakistan).   

Our heartbeat

We want to have an excellent standard, act with integrity and encourage team-work and collaboration.   We want to speak truth without fear or favour, even when it is unpopular.   But we aim to do so with love and gentleness and compassion.  We are here to serve - and make money too, yes,  but we will serve.  

In collaborating or doing commissioned work, we will seek  to deal with clarity and transparency, with as much fairness as we can.  

On the theological and intellectual front, when we touch on controversial points in our work, we aim to generate more light than heat, to educate rather than brow-beat.

And we aim to be effective and as transparent as possible where we help the vulnerable through our work.  We want to both be generous and encourage generosity in others.  

Wanting to sell?

Don't want to totally rely on soulless e-commerce giants?  Want to sell the fruits of your creativity somewhere where values count, not just pure profit?   

We will aim to accommodate people from the occasional hobbyist dipping a delicate toe in the water to those determined to deep dive in and swim.   A flexible and variable fee structure means that the more you sell with us, the greater proportion of the sale price you get to keep - well, up to a point, anyway.....  If things take a turn for the worse, you won't be left with high flat rate fees and charges. 

Oh, and we may consider small sellers outside creative fields too.  Drop us a line, tell us what you want to sell, and the worst we can say is no.  Who knows, it could be the beginning of a beautiful.... commercial relationship.  

We're not live yet, but it's coming.  

Collaborate with us

Part of our goal is to encourage collaboration across cultures and creative disciplines.   If you think we can work together, we'd love to hear from you and explore what we can do together.

One of our slogans is 'We create better, working together'.  

We prefer to set things up so that parties involved share the risk or price of creation, keeping costs as low as possible for when things don't take off as hoped, but agree to share the profits where there is success and profitability.   

Commission us - or someone we know

Our main director, Nathanael Lewis, has written beautiful music and songs - and poetry, as well as written in depth books, guest edited and written for national magazines, and in an international technical journal.  He has also spoken at conferences at a local and national level.  He has co-written on human rights reports launched at parliament and some of his work in this field has been cited by government bodies around the world.    

If we don't have something already that fits your needs, get in contact to tell us what you want, and even if it's something we can't do right now, we might well know someone who can.   

   Chill out to unique live music.  

Over and over, people have commented on the incredible beauty and peace of Nathanael's improvisational playing.   

He can just sit down and play music made up on the spot, restuarant style music that's a unique style of classical with a seasoning of cool jazz crossover.   

If you have an event with a piano that needs chilled music, Melody of the Mind should be your first port of call.    

More than music.....

If you are a church or Christian organisation, Melody of the Mind can offer more than just beautiful music.    Nathanael is a graduate of one of the worlds top theological colleges, the ancient St Mary's College of St Andrews University.  He has authored a number of published and unpublished works, some of them highly praised.  He has appeared several times on one of UK's leading Islamic TV stations, as well as winning a competition to guest edit the magazine of Evangelical Alliance, and has been involved in helping persecuted Pakistani Christians.   He has spoken at Conferences ranging from Premier Digital Conference  in London to Messianic Jewish conferences in Gateshead.   He has also spoken or preached at a wide range of churches, both in location and type, from Catholic churches in Lancashire to evangelical churches in London and Lincolnshire, from Messianic Jewish meetings in Tyne and Wear and an Easter day Seventh Day Adventist church in Birmingham to an Anglican church in Northumberland.   

In short, you can have beautiful music and thought provoking and challenging talks all in one package!