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People wanting to sell their creative stuff

Creative Christians seeking collaboration opportunities

Christian musicians and moving visual media creatives (video & animation)

Creative Christians in North East England in the UK

Churches or schools with a CCLI licence seeking fresh worship songs

Churches with a need of both music and teaching in one event. 

Christians wishing to help us in fulfilling our 'charitable' purposes, and in particular of helping vulnerable Christians (see 'Help us Help Others).

Policy and legal documents

Please find links to our various Policy documents relating to privacy, Terms and Conditions and the like.  

We have just started out and many of our policy documents are not quite ready yet.   What we can say is that any personal details we gather will be kept and used in a manner compliant to GDPR law.  

We currently showcase prospective services, but will not actually offer them until the relevant terms and conditions are in this section.  In the meantime, please do use the forms to get in touch about your needs or wants.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS for prospective sellers

Your values are Christian, but I am not a Christian believer. Does that mean I can't sell on your site?

No, not at all.  We don't discriminate on whose work we sell, but like any platform, we do make judgements on the content of what we sell for all sorts of reasons, including in relation to material whose content we feel violates our values.   Also, we certainly aren't requiring that products sold on the site are specifically Christian.  (You should however be aware that just because we have sold some of your products is no guarantee we will agree to sell  anything you wish to sell on our site.)  For more details, see our relevant terms and conditions above.    

I want to try selling, but don't want to be forced to pay monthly fees or anything that could make me lose money if I don't sell anything. Is that possible?

Yes, it is very possible, although not absolutely guaranteed.  We may choose to charge some fees if, say, you wanted to sell a large number of different items or product lines from the get go (covers the admin work involved).   However, if you were just wanting to dip your toe in the water, there is usually no cost for signing up, and no monthly fees (although we will take a higher commission).   Monthly fees (but lower commissions) kick in automatically if you start selling more than a few in any period.  For more details, see our current fee structure.  

I am not from the UK and wish to sell products through your website. Is this possible?

It depends.   If you want to sell digital products, that should be fine.   On physical products, we are starting out just selling in the UK.  However, if you are interested, do contact us (email us at or use our contact form above).  If there's sufficient interest from any one country, then we will look into branching out there.  

FAQs for creative Christians interested in Collaboration.

What kind of collaboration are you talking about?

Well, that all depends.   There are two kinds of collaboration we are looking at.  The first is collaborating with this company on projects.  We have ideas, but not always the skills to carry them out completely, and you might be the same - we might have skills that we can use to help you out.   We don't have much in the way of free funds at the minute, but we do have a richness of ideas, and quite a few contacts.   Currently we are especially interested in musicians and singers to do rough demos of some of our songs, so if you are a band or singer looking for fresh material, that could be a match made in heaven!   We would also welcome help from people with video-editing and creating skills from time to time, particularly on our humanitarian work.  

The second area relating to collaboration is that we are looking into providing an online platform for global cross-discipline (and cross-cultural) collaboration, a dedicated platform to help Christian creatives find collaboration opportunities (and possibly also new markets too).   If you are interested in this, do let us know, because for this to work we need to build up a sufficient number of people to create a viable and vibrant community before we launch it.   

This platform, can you tell me more, please? And, like, what kind of price tag is involved?

We can't say yet as it would depend on factors like what platform we use (we're looking at adapting a platform used by employers for internal collaboration).  There are three providers we have looked at, one of which is expensive, and another cheap but a bit of a pain - but we do now think we have a preferred provider, and we are looking at their options and capabilities.   One of their options is a flat rate per month for us, meaning that if we get sufficient numbers, we can charge quite low for use, and the more we get on board, the cheaper it will be for each user.  

We are aware that for some creatives, money is an issue, so we will look at ways to reduce monthly fees further, including allowing paid advertising (sorry, but we have to consider it),  rewards for getting people to sign up, and also for those who are money poor but time rich, waiving or reducing monthly fees in return for work done for us.  We will also look into taking very small fees from commercial transactions carried out via the site between collaborating parties.   

If you are interested, please do let us know what you think, about the above options, about any platforms or services that you think we should look at, and about what features or capabilities you would like to see in such a platform.   

You mentioned low resources. If we were to collaborate, how will you deal with the money issue?

It all depends.  Shamelessly, if you were helping out in our humanitarian work, we'd like you to help out of the goodness of your heart, or for heavenly brownie points, we mean rewards, or at least for absolute peanuts.....    

For everything else, we can be flexible, but the model we would prefer to go with involves one where payments for work are kept as low as possible, sort of 'mates rates', but with an agreement that if the project generates significant income, then each party would share financially in the success.   Of course, every project is different, so we will discuss it and aim to come up with something mutually acceptable.   

FAQS about your theology

What kind of theology do you hold? I am interested in having you come and speak, but we don't let just anyone in, you know....

Ah, the thorny question.   First of all, we are mainly talking about director Nathanael Lewis's theology, of course.   And he has never liked being put in a box, even when he did or does hold to some well-defined position that can be framed with a term or title.  That's because he often finds that results in people saying 'oh, so you take position a, therefore you must also believe xyz' when very often he doesn't believe xyz, or accept that it logically must follow from position a.  Also there's that old saying (OK, we think we just made it up) that notes 'one churchman's liberal is another's fundamentalist' which highlights a phenomenon that often can render labels almost meaningless.  

What he will say is that he comes from an evangelical / Pentecostal background, has a wide knowledge of the development of church doctrines and different traditions, and holds to the three 'ecumenical' Creeds, admittedly with slight reservations about the last one, and in general tends to hold positions on the conservative end of the spectrum rather than the 'progressive' or which ever opposing label you might use.   That said, a belief that we ought to prioritize what the word of God actually says, rather than what church traditions teach it says, has sometimes led him in some quite surprising directions.   

If you invite him to speak, he will aim to generate more light than heat, and to educate rather than brow-beat, even on controversial points.   Feel free to ask for more details, but don't expect a check list of yes or no to standard labels or questions....

What kind of topics are your areas of focus or expertise, that you would be especially ready to talk on?

Well, here's a few topics I have talked on in public or in sermons across a range of church streams:

* The Ark of the Covenant (did you know there is actually a Philistine Levite in the bible closely associated with the ark, by the way?)

* The Days of Genesis 1

* The structure of Genesis

* The resurrection of Christ as firstfruits

*The situation of Christians in Pakistan

* 'The Other Queen Mother' (the role of Mary in light of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith)

I have written articles for the national magazine of Evangelical Alliance (UK) on the crisis of masculinity, have had an article relating to some bible passages published in a technical journal, and have written a number of works, including four published books relating to deception and the return of Jesus. 

I have a long standing interest in matters relating to faith and science, Genesis, ancient history and archaeology, early church history and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and the early development of Christian doctrine, including understanding grace against the social background of the New Testament.  

What resources can you recommend for better understanding the Christian faith?

There are so many (and here I am talking in particular of established Christians wishing to better understand the faith and perhaps challenge their own views and traditional upbringings), but there is at least one that I go back to time and again, and that is 'Moral Transformation : The Original Christian Paradigm of Salvation' by a couple of obscure New Zealand writers (as far as I can tell, it's the only work they have written, but it is truly excellent).   With just one or two caveats, primarily relating to their slightly inconsistent handling of the issue of the law of Moses in the Christian faith, I cannot recommend it highly enough.   

I also recommend books such as 'Jesus the Jewish Theologian', and 'Paul the Jewish Theologian' by Brad H Young, plus 'God Fearers : Gentiles and the God of Israel' by Toby Janicki.   Another book that has powerfully impacted my thinking is 'The Mystery of Romans' by the Jewish scholar Mark D Nanos, although I have to say, unlike the other books so far mentioned, it is not something I would recommend for the non-academically inclined reader - it is wordy and dense.   

I like much of N T Wright's work, although I don't agree with him in several key areas.   I have recently come across several websites of Paul F Pavao, and have just ordered and read two of his books, which were excellent in nearly every respect : Apostles' Gospel and Rome's Audacious Claim.   His websites are, and and they contain a good deal of reliable and valuable material on the early church and bible doctrine (although, I do question a few points, plus he has another website that I profoundly disagree with...)